Monday, June 6, 2011

New version of Drop. It's still alive!

It's been a long time since the last update but here's one for the summer! This update fixes a few issues that caused the game to crash on some phones as well as remove the limit of 999 bonus stars.

You can get the update from Android Market here.

The full list of improvements are:
  • The limit of bonus stars have been increased to 9999
  • Tilt controls that didn't work on some phones have been fixed
  • Fixed a bug where game would crash when starting up on some phones
  • Support for moving game to SD card added
On top of the improvements, the overall game size have also been reduced to a mere 555 Kb! Yay!

I've also tried my best to get Drop to run on the new Android tablets, but I have not way to verify if this works well or not. This version should at least run without crashing on tablets, but I cannot guarantee much more. If you try it and have any comments let me know.

Thanks for all your feedback and comments helping me improve Drop!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Masters of Drop!

Here's one elite dude getting almost 2000 points in Drop. YouTube poster litelol is claiming 2248 points as his best - which I am not doubting after watching the video.

I think we can all learn something from this guy, myself included. First of all, Drop needs an online high score system. Soon! I am working on it but I'll put my efforts in another gear now, so great achievements like this do not go unrecorded.

Second, you guys are skilled! I keep hearing about scores in the thousands. Very impressive indeed. I'll be sure to keep this in mind to make the game a bit more interesting for you pros out there. For instance, only red diamonds for such a long time gets pretty boring doesn't it?

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Drop Released on Market

Drop is now available on the Android Market. Just search for 'Drop' on the market and you should find it. Any feedback on improving the game is greatly appreciated.

The game currently features:

Realistic Ball Physics
Precision Touch Controls (optional key controls)
Star Bonus System
Bounce Vibration

The initial feedback seems to be that accelorometer controls would be nice to have. I have been experimenting with this but not yet managed to make it feel very natural. But I'm on it!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Drop Game Blog!

This is Drop, a game that will be out for Android Phones soon!
Drop is an addictive time killer where you're racing down the screen to avoid getting left behind. Collect bonus point along the way!

Here you will find lost of info about falling on you phones. There will also be information about other upcoming games in development for Android!

Here are some more screenshots from the beta version.