Thursday, February 25, 2010

Drop Released on Market

Drop is now available on the Android Market. Just search for 'Drop' on the market and you should find it. Any feedback on improving the game is greatly appreciated.

The game currently features:

Realistic Ball Physics
Precision Touch Controls (optional key controls)
Star Bonus System
Bounce Vibration

The initial feedback seems to be that accelorometer controls would be nice to have. I have been experimenting with this but not yet managed to make it feel very natural. But I'm on it!


  1. Drop Game review on MyAndroidWorld - .
    Love your app !!

  2. My highest score is 2255 and it's on the bright yellow level. Want to know whats the next color after bright yellow?

  3. I got 7841 today it was still yellow i think changing background color would be good

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  6. You should do this game on Valves Steam, this will be succes ;)

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